The Suzuki SV1000S, Good Secondhand Choice

The Suzuki SV1000S is a superb new or secondhand motorcycle choice, the 1000cc V-twin engine is placed in a simple roadster chassis with a frame-mounted half fairing and fully adjustable suspension motorcycle. The Suzuki SV1000S is easy to ride, also very good on the power side and comfort – but somehow just a little bland, which is probably why it never sold in large numbers worldwide. Still the Suzuki SV1000S can be bought relatively cheap compared to what it offers.

The Suzuki SV1000S look similar to the Suzuki SV650, but with twin exhaust pipes. Stock one are quiet but they're easy to replace and replacement can increase the horses pulling this motorcycle.

The liquid-cooled, 4 valve DOHC per cylinder, four-stroke 1000cc V-twin engine is the same as in the Suzuki V-Strom DL1000 big trail style motorcycle. It's then no surprise that the SV1000S engine produces about 120 horsepower.

In the early days of this engine the biggest glitch was a incorrectly machined crank on some earlier models, which caused a horrible knocking sound. But then it was just a sound and nothing was actually going to break.

Riding the Suzuki SV1000S is a pleasure, the handling of the Suzuki SV1000S is excellent, cornering is very easy. Comparing the SV1000S with its smaller brother we have to conclude that the SV1000S is actually easier in the corners then the Suzuki SV650. The suspension of the Suzuki SV1000S isn't the best but it is fully adjustable. It's worth experimenting with it if you're not happy with the handling. Adjusting the suspension can make a huge difference to the riding pleasure.

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