Japanese motor manufacturer or Europe is no doubt in creating the prototype. Apparently, Indonesia also did not want to lose. Although until now not been able to make motors intact, Indonesia is able to display the concept through the modification of motor Yamaha Jupiter MX 135 LC. The results of the nation's children from North Sumatra are included in Mofest Modification Contest 2 Region III, North Sumatra.

Budi Udin Fakkar of Jatayu Motor Sport classified Jupiter MX dare dismantle it's Jimmy. In essence, he did not want to just change the body is designed like the motor body concept. "I enggak want that. The prototype is right also to apply some of the components that apply a different mechanism," said Budi.

Therefore, the concept of artificial motor manufacturer is offering a different technology components with a mass product. There are also mechanisms developed component of the previous components.

That reference Budi. Therefore, having cultivated MX technology is far from the MX. He also said that his creation is the future of motor sport.

In the modification component technology has to offer, there are three sections that can be glimpsed. First, the steering system steering ratio given name. There are circles of radius ratio is moved to the handlebars of time in and out.

Second, the mechanism of shock absorbers is a new innovation. Budi named Advance Suspension. The mechanism associated with the application hubless wheels. Alloy handle two pillars that sustained the burden to send shock absorbers.

The principle behind the work like shock unitrack, but mounted upside-down position. Interestingly, although the hubbess system, this section remains lightly when maneuver.

Finally, keyless ignition. Turn the engine using the starter key by using friction sensors. Yes, the usual kind of card used in the hotel room key.