Modifikasi Kawasaki Ninja 2004 dari Lamongan

Modifikasi Kawasaki Ninja 2004 dari LamonganFoto Modifikasi Kawasaki Ninja 2004 dari Lamongan

MODIF concept adopted version of the Honda CRF 125 2010. Tank fender design more streamlined body, as well as the rear fender, more to the special design Italian engine.

Affairs of the cradle of clothes, a central point using a base Ninja've met. "Only adherents to the slope of the delta box, there we all help make the bracket plate wearing tank galvanized strip 4.2 mm," detailed Ayung. Pools between the engine and the tank became more tightly and densely impressed.

For the formation of the slope angle seat, fenders and fenders aft so much easier because immediately following the angle of the tank. But it must be supported with the addition berpenampang subframe of a square plate to lift the aft body. "Because, the sub frame Ninja orsi lower part of the stern," said the warm buff.

Sector ciamik legs, ass up side down front of a special model 125 cc engine Scot product. The same with the swing arm design with KTM viscous products output also equipped with a system Scot Unitrack.

As a result, the installation of monosok who picked from YZ-125 2007 version, so much easier despite starting 45 cm dimensions. Details terkonsep workmanship, also shown in the use of selected Tromol KTM 125. Scot Excel wheels juxtaposed 160-21 and 185-18, entwined and Kenda 80/100-21 100/100-18 Budos Creek.

Ergonomic Affairs, imitation trail that will dikebut to Lamongan was supported fat bar complete with 3 cm Raiser Scot products, as well as adjustable foot step which brought forward two centimeters. "Indeed I am preparing Tikung ripe for cutting forests, Samben and Nguwok, Lamongan known malignant," she exclaimed.

Sok depan: Scot, Lengan ayun : Scot, Monosok : YZ-125, Bodi set : Honda CRF 125 Scot,
Stang kemudi: Fat bar Scot, Velg : Scot Excel 160-21 & 185-18, Ban : Kenda Budos Creek 80/100-21 & 100/100-18, Foot step: Variasi adjustable, Cover head : Alien supermoto, Modifikator : RPM, Jl. Kalibutuh 131, Surabaya