Modifikasi Motor Honda CB 125 Retro Style

Modifikasi Motor Honda CB 125 Retro StyleFoto Modifikasi Motor Honda CB 125 Retro Style

In the year 2010, one was released Franky slap together a special mascot based ceplokan '75 Honda CB125 and fruiting respectable degree, a class winner in the contest Xtreme modifications largest motorcycle in Indonesia, Bandung HOCS 2010 series. tito

If the previous Franky Tracker concentrate fully on stream Jap's Style, this time challenging gawe doi have to glance at the old school flow, "want to maximize the flow of creative ideas with the expansion of Jap's old school chopper style" she said.

Handmade knock down FRAME
Leaving only a slab kitchen runway, Franky dewe full design build construction of the chassis. Main frame construction frame is designed like the Honda Tiger, but with custominasi dimension which must increasingly rising, particularly in the area fired back bone one quarter of the gas pipeline is supported also dim down tube elongation.

Penetrated sub-frame, three-quarters of the gas pipeline dimmer dual seater tube gives a chance as well as mounting bracket rigid pillars stake. Meanwhile arm gas pipeline is constructed from materials which now gives a chance a dim aka rigid rigid rigid stake berpenahan pillars of plate 2 cm. Uniquely, the sub frame can be disassembled with a pair of bolt connection to the main frame.

Bobber Wheels
Although relatively small universal dimension, but Franky is able to create prestige of his gallantry in the GL-pairs thanks to transplanted Bobber style legs. Both tire circumference 16 inchnya carrying a white wall rubber tires ex. Harley Davidson Road King, which was seized by a rim pairs of R-16 ex. Harley Davidson Sporster 883. The more old school aura kala cietnya device relies on the construction of a conventional brake drum brake sets were owned by Suzuki TS 125 trail.

AMAZING detailing
Special! Here he was the most captivating aspects of his' Jap's bike mainstay Franky. All accessories and body parts are dominated designnya golden color mixing results custom parts based on some side kuningan.Terlihat dikontrasi both in the golden glow of brass pedal kick starter, knop cover bolts, electric exhaust, foot pegs, hand grips, and that is the rear fender tercakep and box.

"Unless the rear fenders and box him, all part of this aseso I make with the lathe and freish, not to mention cute handlebar riser that I create with inspiration riser Todd's old school work of the Cycle California" said Franky.

Embossed Rear Fender & BOX
Try to observe more detail fender stern and oval box below seater leather, full creative with 3D embossed texture that forms a matching batik tattoo glitternya pink tank of gas.

"Yup .. manufacture of high need patience coz after I make an oval box of fenders and a brass plate with conventional teter techniques, on the surface I create a negative pattern with silk screening techniques.

Furthermore, this box stabor and I dye in the liquid chemical to dissolve the surface of the HCL that are not covered brass negative patterns, the results of this area will be thinned because the brass grains dissolved in HCL. So after we entaskan, it will arise 3D beremboss pattern, "said Franky.

TROMOL SRT : TS 125, FORK : Eks.Moge, VELG : HD Stock Sporster 883, BAN : White Wall Metzeler & Dunlop 140/90-16, SILINDER SET : Honda Phantom, MODIFIKATOR : Yasashi Garage, Jl.Lodaya 26 Bandung by Franky Yasashii, (022) 91545160