YAMAHA FZ 150 replacement The V-ixion

Yamaha FZ 150 to use as a substitute for V-Ixion. Is remarkable is that FZ 150 has a lower spek. Are FZ 150 eligible replace V-ixion? More often the case when changing products, resale value and this can decrease should be avoided. Moreover is Yamaha must infestation again and this need not cost you a bit. The first scenario looks like this can not be used.

Yamaha FZ 150 using the body as a facelift V-Ixion. Overview of the idea that this is more rational than the first. This consideration is no need to change the engine, a new product can be issued, this strategy is similar to the strategy for Honda Megapro, REVO Tiger, Supra X125, and REVO. The problem is each product has a period of time. And V-Ixion is still a year could pave spelled too quick to switch the display. And again this will cause the resale value to decrease.

3. Yamaha FZ 150 to use as a product line under the V-Ixion. Can be spelled reasonable, especially with the price. Note that the price should be a matter of caution. If not they will eat each other and cases Karisma Supra-X125 can be repeated on both. Also to note is the placement market, with prices clearly cheaper FZ position 150 is a "subordinate" V-Ixion. However, with the same capacity, the possibility of both these products still have to eat each other. The solution is to reduce capacity FZ numbers 150 to 125, dealing with the alias Suzuki Thunder 125. That way both the position clear, V-Ixion the Pulsar, Apache, plus Megapro, while FZ 150 against the Thunder 125.