Astra Honda Motor is not likely to show patience matic newest products. Therefore, today's New Vario akan first time on view in the media.

This strategy is carried out, in addition to a description of the potential early customer, can also simultaneously provide a warning against the competitors who have more first exist.

New Vario switch is not only clothes, but the species is a new generation of Vario, and is the highest caste of Vario which has been circulating in the market at this time.

Marketing Director of Astra Honda Motor (AHM) Julius Aslan has asserted that the detikOto some time ago.

"Vario later is not a new Vario completion of the existing, but it is a new variant of the Vario," his blazing.

In addition to the view that will certainly change, New Vario will install the latest technology in motor matic, that is, the combi brake is guaranteed in the more secure braking. This is the first in-class motor matic.

Can be ascertained, the presence of New Vario akan make competitors in the class matic fear, considering the success of the previous generation Vario.