Modif GL PRO NEO Tech Jadi KTM 690 Stunt (Konsep)

Modif GL PRO NEO Tech Jadi KTM 690 Stunt (Konsep)Modif GL PRO NEO Tech Jadi KTM 690 Stunt (Konsep)

Home creators MODIF "GDZH a Custom Cycle" Jombang released works based tergressnya Honda GL Pro '05 neotech yard besutan Maji pride of Pacet Mojokerto.

As usual, these works were also reap Anyar sensation like the earlier works. No one contests the jury when the team's biggest MODIF Indonesia, HOCS reward with first-class champions trophy sports cool MODIF in Malang series HOCS ago. team

KTM 690 Stunt Concept
It must be admitted if the instinct MODIF really sharp sharpened by Ghondezh, doi very real gape in determining whether a theme MODIF rare and never even glimpsed even by other creators.

Like this time, the official doi KTM 690 Stunt refreshed concept, the concept of free style motor radicals released a prime manufacturer of the motor giant's world of Austria in 2008 ago. "His features are not only futuristic but also very macho, fitted with a request brothers Muji," said Ghondezh.

Since the design of the KTM 690 Stunt relatively minimalist, visualization element legs certainly affect the harmony of universal. Hence the application touches the feet of the former waste moge deemed fit to bear the image of sporty 'n futuristiknya.

"I do not think pake long, front-end unit I cangkoki product up-side down Aprilia RS 125 which belongs to the more futuristic with my swing arm unit of Cagiva Mito full kevlar-carbon," said Ghondezh. Improving the look, Tromol setnya also dicangkoki Tromol ex. trail bike build up complete with discs and disc calipers and Brembonya Beringer tattoos.

Trellis frame knock down
Do not want to lose his cool mascot than KTM chief designer Gerald Kiska, Gondezh Trellis frame construction was designed that flanked the standard GL engine. Made from a tubular gas pipe, construction Trellis frame has been intentionally constructed knock down alias pairs to facilitate the adjustment of loading and unloading machine pairs.

"Unfortunately, I do not have time to make crash bars around the engine, so I created the form of engine replacement engine guard protective plate made of 1.2 mm" said Ghondezh.

Standard design reflects the concept of a true motorcycle stuntman, also designed the construction Ghondezh scrape the bar right at the tip of tail units. "Application to support action 90 degree wheelie, I made a thick strip of iron material," pointed Ghondezh. The installation must strongly connected to the pipe to the rear to get full power.

FULL BODY galvanized
KTM 690 Stunt Maternity actual figure, all out body parts design and build of 0.8 mm galvanized plate material with completion of applications lighted visor face with my Revo a sporty visor melted Endurance trail looking out.

"What really must be taken into account is how to get the most appropriate measure of body dimensions in order to stunt-bike positioning it can really get the perfect" close-bike stunt Ghondezh support his positioning with a stake handlebar slips dirt bike handle bars.

Spesifikasi Modifikasi
FRONT END : Aprilia RS 125, TROMOL SET : Trail, KALIPER SET : Beringer & Brembo, SWING ARM : Cagiva Mito Kevlar Edition, MONOSOK : YSS Racing, VELG : Osaki, BAN : Dunlop, EXHAUST : AHRS F4, STANG : KTC, TOTAL : Rp.15 Juta, MODIFIKATOR : GDZH Custom Cycle, Jl.Gubernur Suryo IV/B-17 Jombang by Ghondezh (0321-860040/081803030093)