Modif Honda CS-1 Sport from Pati

Modif Honda CS-1 Sport from Pati
Gambar Modif Honda CS-1 Sport from Pati

You could say the original look of the CS-1 Honda dijahilin difficult, but such an assumption is flatly ignored by Hasruloh. Doi pede ngegandeng Modified besutannya to TJ who berworkshop in numbers Jl. Sacred Ganesha first to be reformed so much more macho.

"I just want to prove it if Honda CS-1 can also be dimodif looks more muscular," explained Hasrul.

For the election suggested that it looks Teje concept must refer to the concept of identity stripped sporty Honda CS-1, cash and clothes shall be replaced dilengserin total full outfit complete with a camouflage tank fairing using fiberglass base material.

"To get a form that precession I first sketch orinya body contour tracing, so the more plek deh by the original order," explained builder berputri this one.

Let the more muscular legs sector kudu apply pair up grade kindergarten Alloy rims wrapped in rubber Mizzle to add pretentious macho look forward too follow-up replaced with up-side down Ride It.

Kelar pendempulanpun process for new clothes so the main priority for Teje, in order to obtain the final result with the maximum offset Alfagloss 4-layer epoxy spray.

Hasrul color selection is still wearing the red color of vehicle registration in accordance with the brush of water sweetened with sharp graphics, so the more secure when using that slide in the city center. "The legs bekalan diperkekar in the next project," lid Hasrul. Andre

Ban dpn/blk : Mizzle 250/275-17, Bodi set : Fiber Custom by Teje, Spatbor dpn: Ninja 250, Pelek dpn: TK Alloy, Cat/clear : Blinken/Auto Gllow, Modifikator : TJ Modified Jl.Ganesha 1 (Samping SMEAN 1) Kudus