Modifikasi Honda GL Max Gaya Retro

Modifikasi Honda GL Max Gaya Retro
Form of the legendary Honda motorcycle, according to Anwar, the owner will still be liked and not be timeless. Though younger than motor-based Honda GL-Max, even-looking re CB dirupa applications thanks to the tank, side cover and rear fender of the Honda CB orsi.

"For the pair had to cut back the tip of the framework in order to obtain the appropriate dimensions," Roby said the modifier. Sector body felt was appropriate heart, turn the legs shall appear sturdy.

Airs next big Honda CBR 400 applications with a lathe as komstir to re-installation, TDR supported tread width of a rim holding Tromol Kawak variations in front and Tromol Ninja-style trail behind.

"Let me even more ferocious power of the engine, engine block header, karbu, transmissions, pistons installed Tiger belongs to the valve Honda Honda Cielo'll be able to bloat his young brother on the street," said modifier of specialist machines that also do not forget to put your headlights are another variation of HD " ins "among CB-mania.

SOK DEPAN: Honda CBR 400, SOK BELAKANG: Honda Tiger, VELG: TDR 350/17-400/17, BAN: IRC 80/90/17-SWALLOW 100/80/17, TROMOL DEPAN: Variasi by Kumis, TROMOL BELAKANG: Trail Custom, KALIPER: Brembo. MODIFIKATOR: Robby Speed, Ngagel Rejo Gg.01/04 Surabaya (031-60622796)