2011 Juve Max Phantom Specifications

2011 Juve Max Phantom Rear ViewFoto 2011 Juve Max Phantom

For a moment we forget the rivalry Honda, Yamaha, Suzuki. For a moment we look at the national motorcycle industry. On Jl. Veteran No. 194, Surakarta, stood Motor Juve's headquarters, known as a manufacturer and seller of motorcycles Juve. Factory Motor Juve are in Regions Mayang, Sukoharjo. Firm established in 1999 has a wide selection of products. You can choose duck-class motorcycle (cub), streetfighter, offroad, sports bike, and 3-wheeler commercial.

All classes are filled Juve each a product unless the cub. Two products of the Hammer Z cub and Rock. Sports bike of his Juve JSR 150, offroad Juve Tracker, and 3-wheeler commercial carriers Juve. While his street fighter Juve Phantom Max. Max Phantom is the latest product Juve. MP armed with 249cc engine, 1-cylinder, 4-stroke. Power and peak torque of 15 hp and 13.4 Nm. The design is quite stout with some sharp curves. Unfortunately, the details need a lot of improvement. The price offered is attractive, USD 18.5 million.

Juve is the 'extension' of Bashan Motorcycling. Homebase Bashan in Lijiatuo, Banan, China. Bashan entered in the 100 largest companies in China. Bashan motorcycle known as a manufacturer of various types (such as cruisers, sports bikes, off-road, cub), ATV, tricycle, automobile engines, and electric motorcycles. Juve did uphold the motto of Java, 'Alon-Alon Waton kelakon' (slowly but surely). Until now, Juve Motor managed to sell around 1000 units.

Juve Motor is under the auspices of Sarwo Santosa Group - automotive incumbents in Surakarta.Regarding the availability of spare parts of motorcycles, Rizal declared complete. In fact, some spare parts from the Honda could be used. If you are interested in becoming a dealer or buy the products Motor Juve there's nothing wrong contact phone number 0271-9127749 or visit www.juvemotor.com.

Juve Specifications Max Phantom 2011

Dimensions (LxWxH mm)

2120 x 740 x 1055

Wheelbase (mm)


Ground Clearance (mm)


Seat Height (mm)




Gasoline Tank Capacity (liter)


Max. Load Capacity (kg)


Dead Weight (kg)


Wheel Rim Type


Front: 2.75 x 17

Rear: 3.5 x 17

Front Tire

110/70 x 17

Rear Tire

140/60 x 17

Engine Type

1-cylinder, 4-stroke

Cylinder Volume (cc)


Compression Ratio


Bore x Stroke

63.5 x 62.2

Power (hp @ rpm)

15 @ 8000

Torque (Nm @ rpm

13.4 @ 6500