Honda Megapro Cool Stiker Modification

sticker theme was discussed about a new virus that developed in Surabaya, East Java. Metalflake popular name sticker. Now, let's see if this new thing applied in motor sport, Honda Mega Pro. At first glance it seems Mega Pro The 2000 output looks simple. But do not get me wrong first. For this is the motor that carries the virus or the latest trend earlier sticker. "Stickers metalflake so popular with lovers of modification. With it looks like glitter paint to make the motor feel even more luxurious," said Eric Caprin, courtier Caprin Racing (CR) on Jl. Gubeng Kertajaya IIIA / 4, Surabaya, which popularized this new virus.

Indeed, in the City of Heroes is the use of stickers again metalflake loved many circles. That's because there is a special uniqueness that can be obtained if the sticker has been attached to the body. Although the cause of iron ore or sparkle like glitter, but it gives the color can vary widely. Nah mere silver or copper color. By the way why his name sticker metalflake huh? "That's because if one looks closely there is a kind of metal or metal powders or flakes glittter silver," said Eric explains. Oh yes, return to Mega Pro's Adi Santoso. Looks like Adi also has a special reason why more choose this moment than usual stickers or even airbrush though.

"If you go attractive contezt so must change at every event. Meanwhile, if we are using the airbrush, will spend more money rather than cutting. In addition, if you get bored just replace the old stickers with new themes," said Adi Ucox greeting. For the theme stickers Adi get quotes from Eric about the sticker metaflake, "Fortunately the choice theme that Eric gave me a personal worth which tend to prefer a motive energy drink, Rockstar," said Adi. Flakes 'glitter' the more obvious because Eric does not wear one color sticker, but two colors at once. "To Mega Pro is, intentionally combine sticker metalflake with doff.

Because the motor body is yellow gold if you only rely on color for the logo Rockstar clearly less visible luxury. But I combine it with a black sticker doff who then piled with gold-colored Rockstar logo, "explained this white man. This is one proof that Eric and Adi well aware of what was to be modifkasi virus in the world today. Rockstar is currently one of the many brands of energy drinks stuck to the various automotive products, especially motor in addition to Monster Energy.

Front tire: FDR Genzi 70/80x17
Rear tire: FDR Genzi 80/70x17
Rims: Ride It
Sok back: KTC Racing
Swing arm: Super Track
Muffler: Nobi
Carburetor: RX-King