Honda Spacy Specification Detail New Scooter

Honda Spacy White Color
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Honda spacy Helm In the motor scooter matic that carries the breadth of the trunk in its class, Honda spacy own price at around USD 11.75 million for bandrol rim radius and Rp 12.55 million for the rim Racing version, that price is the price on the road in Jakarta.

Excellence In Honda spacy Helm is the amount of baggage that can load a full-face helmet, the trunk itself has a total capacity of up to 18 liters. If we bandingakan with luggage Suzuki Hayate which has a luggage capacity hingga17, 7 liters, Honda spacy indeed thinner.

For color, Honda spacy Helm In offers 5 colors namely white imperial, royal blue, red Majestic, legacy green and black emperor.

Honda spacy Specification Detail:

* Length x Width x Height: 1841 x 660 x 1094 mm
* Steering wheel distance: 1256 mm
* Distance low to the ground: 128 mm
* Empty weight: 97 kg
* Type of order: Backbone
* Suspension front: 80/90-14 M / C 40P
* Rear suspension: swing arm and mono shock
* Brakes Front: hydraulic disc, single piston
* Brakes rear: drum
* petrol tank capacity: 5 liters


* 4 stroke SOHC
* cooling fan cooling system
* DiameterXlangkah 0x55 mm
* Volume: 108 cc
* Compression ratio: 9,2:1
6:28 * Maximum power kW (8.54 PS) at 8000 rpm
* Maximum torque: 8:03 Nm at 6,000 rpm
* Capacity 0.7 liters of lubricants
* Clutch: automatic, centrifugal, dry type
* Transmission: Automatic, V-Matic
* Starter: pedal and electrically
* Aki: MF batteries, 12 V-3aH
* Spark plug: NGK Denso-9 CPR8EA U24EPR9
* Ignition System: Digital DC-CDI
* Carburetor: VK22 X 1
* Headlights: 30 W X 1
* Lamp twilight: 3.4 W X 1