2011 Honda CBR 250R Knalpot Yoshimura R-77J

Japan's leading companies exhaust, Yoshimura introduce a new variant for the Honda CBR 250R 2011. Yoshimura developed a New Sport R-77J in two variants namely Stainless Steel and Carbon End Cap End Cap.

Both models are three options namely arm Stainless, Titanium and Metal Magic. Mufler also have the option to use dB-Killer or not. In the note db meter when using the device db-killer then the resulting sound 86 dB @ 4.250 rpm. If no db-killer voice recorded 94 dB @ 4.250 rpm.

Mufler is also claimed to have a light weight. In addition notch strength increased 7 hp. While banderolnya between Rp 6.8 million to $ 9.1 million.