Modif Mio Drag Style

Mio Soul Scooter Drag Style Modification Specification:

- CDI BRT neo dual band
- Karburator: Pe TDR 26
- Roller: TDR 6gr
- Shok: CVT TDR 2000rpm
- Velg: DBS 17 , trombol chrome
- Knalpot: KP16 racing muffler

Tips For Yamaha Modif Mio Drag Style:

My advice if for daily use in the view DRAG better tire wear due to display size 60/80 Drag fit, and not too small like the size of FDR drax 50/90 50/90 due to the small size of most people complain about its rim easy almu sepeleng. Because the wheels do not have the endurance almu like iron alloy wheels, alloy wheels almu tend to be weaker against collision.