Yamaha Vega ZR 2011 New Striping

Yamaha Vega ZR 2011 New StripingGambar Foto Yamaha Vega ZR 2011 New Striping

Yamaha Motor Indonesia (YMKI) will be a refreshing new look of the Yamaha Vega ZR 2011. Reportedly, the momentum Pekan Raya Jakarta (PRJ), 2011, which will be opened on 9 June, will be used as a venue for exhibiting YMKI Yamaha Vega ZR 2011.

Striking changes are in the design of striping, which is more attractive. Another refresher seen the stern lights and speedometer. In addition there is the addition of a new color that is green. YMKI did not dismiss the existence of new motorcycles in PRJ 2011, though still reluctant to explain further. "Yes on PRJ there will be new,"explained Dyonisius Beti, President Director Dapurpacu.com YMKI when meeting some time ago.

Yamaha Vega ZR 2011 remain strengthened with engine capacity of 113.7 cc 4 stroke SOHC air-cooled. Seconded the security system with hydraulic disc (front) and drum (rear). Regarding the price Yamaha is not willing to release to the public.