Harga Honda CBR 150R 2011 Baru

Honda CBR 150R 2011 BaruHonda CBR 150R 2011 Baru

Motor sport INTERESTED? Nowadays a lot of choice, especially after PT Astra Honda Motor launched its newest product Honda CBR 150R. Motor-style full fairing is imported directly (completely built-up-CBU) from Thailand priced at Rp 33 million (on the road in Jakarta and Tengerang).

"This motor was first launched July-August last year in Thailand. But for Indonesia we just launch it now because setinggan engine must be adapted to the conditions of fuel in Indonesia, "said Vice President Director Johannes Loman, yesterday, when launching the motor sport. Honda CBR 150R equipped with 4 stroke engine, 150 CC DOHC, liquid-cooled single-cylinder, plus auto fan and twin-tube frame. Ability to achieve 13.1 KW power at 10,500 rpm and torque of 26.66 Nm at 8500 rpm.

Honda CBR 150R comes with a new design, looks more sporty and luxurious impression. Diamond Twin Tube chassis frame adopts the framework of a polygon that is lightweight and sturdy design of CAD (Computer Aided Design) to support stability in driving and agility while maneuvering. Regarding the possibility CBR 150 R in production in Indonesia, Johannes Loman said, indeed it is now studying the possibility of motor sport for the production here, so that the selling price can be cheaper.


But clearly, Honda CBR 150R is Honda's flagship sports motorcycle segment, Honda CBR 250R supplement that has been present earlier. "Both of these motors will strengthen Honda's image in the sports segment in the future." Johannes said again. "Honda CBR 150R is The Real Sport Bike with DOHC engine racing character. DNA MotoGP motorcycle racing can be found on this bike. "Said President Director of PT AHM Yusuke Hori. Honda CBR 150R is offered in three colors, namely: X-treme Red, Night Black and Sporty RWB (red, white, blue), with target sales of 2,000 units per month.