Harley-Davidson Sportster Body kit Modification

Harley-Davidson Sportster Body kit ModificationHarley-Davidson Sportster Body kit Modification

Doug Wozney, a modifier of Harley Davidson, made a body kit for the Sportster. Not just a magic eye, Doug put on a function of factors which he named Pro-Tour's Kit. The design is interesting because the motor body bag is not open the side like in general, but a principled lift and fold.

The result, it's like a secret that there is no bag door. On the other hand, this shiny black body looks more sexy as strong as if fused with the motor as well as aerodynamic.

Where's the door her purse? Lift the tail and the mouth Sportster either side will look like a small door. Doug claims that the volume is only slightly less than what is on the standard bag for these motors.

Another claim is not less interesting. Extra body on the bike, especially the bag, will not be stuck when the motor maneuver because he's already figured out. In the fall angle of 45 degrees, just stepping foot on the road. In addition, he has also tested the capacity to store bags door and the results are okay. In fact, the calculated weight lighter than the original Touring version.

Because it takes an adjustment, he changed the belt wheel V-Rod with a longer to fit. Doug then added, the package body is able to XL Sportster 1986-2011 production.

Price body kit made of a mixture of epoxy, slabs of metal, and glass fiber is estimated to 14 500 U.S. dollars (equivalent to USD 123 million) out of the motor. There will be an additional price if consumers want to bike painted.