Modifikasi Kawasaki Ninja 250R 2010

Kawasaki Ninja 250R aka modifable practically very easy dimodif. Stay or go full fairing streetfighter-style clothes. But, of course there are the conditions. Must be supported by a suitable selection of parts. Custom of the original parts or select waste moge. For example, workshop-style Platinum streetfighter look, this Pontiac. "At first want to try custom legs, but otherwise take some time, also worry the result is not optimal," open Johan Fui, the modifier. As a result he was more calm after a sip and decided to use the legs copotan Ducati. "Because who wants to emulate the concept of Ducati Streetfighter, why waste must also be from the Italian manufacturer," he continued. But, to install a single swing arm which is the typical Ducati, still have no change in frame construction.

"That's because the arm is wide, whereas the order that became lost his grip width. Because it must create a new framework that is wider in order to hold the frame with a good and solid," added the father of a child. Ilham means the owner of the motor is more willing to have the framework of the 'damaged' than the arm. Understandably these include expensive items, it is said arm complete with rim price not less than Rp 25 million.

The technique performed by Johan started by cutting the frame. "Only then created a new framework that has a width of 3 cm. After that, then arm can come in and installed perfectly," said shop owner from Jl. Podomoro No. 64b, this Pontiac. Likewise with the order on to the handle monosok. "This arm unitrack system upside down, if generally below so this time is on top. Therefore we must re-create the handle tomorrow," beber Johan is now using 10 mm diameter pipe material.

Finished in the affairs of the installation of this arm there was no debris that was too mean. "Let accent Ducatinya more can then be made such a del-tabox tubular. Materials used using a pipe diameter of 2 mm," added Johan who feel fit target concept using the waste Ducati Ducati as well.