Suzuki Skywave 125 modification applies in some parts of the body kit cover body that had to be shown to the audience. Moreover, plans Reno will include riding in the annual event MOTOR Plus Skubek Contezt 2011 in Senayan, Jakarta last week.

All customized back with a body kit that rely on fiber. In order to look bigger than usual. Now any changes can be felt from front to form tebeng side wing is widened through the fiberglass material assistance earlier. Let pleasing to the eye, the original front tebeng slicked back with mica plate glass convex model. If the lyrics from the side, his scooter impression has be seen until the interior. Width front tebeng was ultimately forced the front foot shifted to exit. And how common is common practice to replace part of the modifier is lower triangular or his iron grip telescopic pipe, and install the adapter handlebars are also widely sold variety stores.

Affairs rear, as usual characteristic is the use of low rider skubek retreat-retreat house for the following positions CVT engine looks backwards. Said the owner, retreat-retreat under the cover closed funds have used about 15 cm long. While the most striking difference from the automatic Suzuki is the position shock absorbers that are quasi-double model. But construction has been changed. If the second is usually quasi-bound in the right arm and CVT house on the left.